Monday, 29 July 2013

First Project Reveal

Our "foyer", such that it is, has always driven me craaazee! 

 before foyer photo NorthCowichan-20130701-00219_zps24c43133.jpg

 That's it.  That's all she wrote folks.

This is the area that we have to enter our house, remove shoes, leave sunglasses, etc.  Um...halloo...Mr. Builder, do you realize how many pairs of shoes I own?  

I have tried many different options here.  A demi lune table, shelving, baskets, but nothing ever seemed to feel right.  I could never seem to achieve the look that I wanted.  Seriously, I really didn't know what "the look" was, but I knew that when I found it, I would have an "ah ha!" moment.  This is usually how my mind works.  I have a "feeling" in mind not necessarily a plan. It drives The Man insane.  ha ha ha

Then one beautiful summer day while I was snooping around other bloggers' home tours, I came across Funky Junk Interiors Pallet Wood Closet Wall.

                                                       Funky Junk Interiors Pallet Wood Closet Wall

I was in love.  I mean how cool is that?  I also knew that there was no way on this earth that The Man would go for pallet wood on the wall.  Believe me, we've had pallet wood fights discussions already and he's not sold on anything made from pallets....yet.  Gimme time, people.  

So, semi discouraged, but armed with a new "feeling" to go with, I set off snooping searching through more home tours.  I found this planked wall at Thrifty Decor Chick.  

                                                         Thrifty Decor Chick

AH HA !!!  Yes!  It was all coming together now.  The wheels started turning.  Home Depot here I come!

I picked up 2 packages of 32" pine planks ( someone up there loves me because that was the exact width of the wall), a couple of 1" x 4"'s, and 1" x 2"s and we started.

The Man cut my 1"x 4"s and 1" x 2"s to size for me  :o)  We lay the first 1 x 4 along the bottom of the wall to replace the baseboard.  Then we just nailed up the pine planks, topped it off with another 1 x 4, and used the 1 x 2's to frame out the sides.  Next up was three coats of flat white paint that we had from who knows when for who remembers why, some accessories and .......TA DA!!.  Easy peasy. Right? 

I am so happy with the way that this turned out.  It is exactly what I had been looking for.  The hooks I grabbed at Home Depot for under $4.00 each, the mirror we already had and I think I bought at Walmart for around $10.00.  I used to use the IKEA rail and hooks in my kitchen but got bored with them, same with the galvanized pails that I just painted and labelled "odds and ends".  Total out of pocket was less than $40.00.  

I am in love with my new foyer wall.   It's silly actually, to be in love with a wall.  But it makes me smile.  I think the two of us, my new wall and me, are gonna be good buds.  


Dawn (and her wall)  

Friday, 26 July 2013

And we're live in 3...2...1...

Welcome to my little slice of paradise.  A little bit of thrifting, crafting, redecorating, DIY and a bit of cooking.

I recently discovered the amazing world of DIY and home decor blogs.  Yeah, I know, some times it takes me a while, but I honestly didn't realize that there was such a thing.  (blushing)  After some serious blog reading I was addicted, I mean gone; hook, line and sinker.  I am in love!  Is this possible?  Who knew that there were so many beautiful and inspiring ideas out there?  Well, apparently everyone else but me.  Although, it is a distinct possibility that The Man put a home decor blocker on my computer and missed the recent update. Hmmmm... I am, full of creative inspiration in my 17 year old home that is in dire need of refreshing, so what's a girl to do?  I mean really, I have no choice, right?     

So take a quick boo around and lemme know whatcha think.  The whole blog set up thing isn't my niche, but hopefully I can get it looking a whole lot better over the weeks to come.  
"Fasten your seatbelts.  Its going to be a bumpy night"